About Company

United Leader Tech is a professional manufacturer focused on the research, development and production of fine quality plastic molded products, including: smart home display brackets, curtain components and structural parts, automotive complex structural parts, and other types of injection molded parts founded in 2013. Our plastic products are high quality and durable.

Our manufacturing headquarters situated within the Hengmingzhu Tech. Industrial Park, adjacent to the Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, provide excellent transportation benefits in terms of decreased costs and faster delivery.

United Leader Tech is heavily committed to innovation, and part of that commitment involves continually improving the technical product specifications and production efficiency. To foster this concept, we have insisted on the implementation of the 5S office management system. This process allows us to optimize our production process, saving greatly on production costs and enhancing work efficiency. We are always working to provide customers with one-stop service and complete technical support.

About company

United Leader Tech is situated within the Hengmingzhu Tech. Industrial Park
Located in Shenzhen City, United Leader Tech. Co., Ltd. was established in Dec.2013. We mainly provide four services to our customers: plastic auto mold design and manufacturing, custom plastic parts injection molding, smart home device assembly and plastic parts finishing process.

Panorama of the general office

  • The engineers are discussing
  • the 3D design of mold about the structure and functions of the products

R & D director is holding a conference with the staff from the purchase, business, engineering, mold injection departments to discuss about the startup production of a type of display shell. The director is explaining the R & D process, molds structure and the details need to be noted during production

  • Coordination meeting held by all the departments before the production
  • Discussion about the details of molds design
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