United Leader Tech is committed to a career-long pursuit of manufacturing excellence. In order to ensure the quality of our plastic products from the outset, we strictly control the humidity and temperature of the materials warehouse. Our raw materials are imported from American plastic companies, including SAIBC, DUPONT, RTP, etc.

Back at the manufacturing complex, our company operates 13 high-performance injection molding machines. Most of these machines come from well-known brands like FANUC and YIZUMI, just to name a few. Our production department strictly complies with the SOP and SIP procedures. Every tiny parameter error is corrected in a timely manner. In addition, we use and maintain our injection molds in strict accordance with industry related standards in the manufacturing process. These factors allow us to provide high quality, long-lasting products, in high volume.

We offer customers a complete range of product assembly services. Our assembly operators average three years of work experience. They are able to skillfully operate in line with work instructions. In addition, we built a brand-new, dustproof, anti-static and automated assembly line in 2017. This assembly line is able to take the assembly scale, environment, precision and efficiency to a higher level.

Our well-established quality control department is equipped with a full range of test equipment, including 2D coordinate measuring instrument, height gauge, micrometer, plug gauge and so forth. By conducting a comprehensive range of tests on raw materials and final products, we ensure all our products are manufactured to the highest quality and traceability requirements. Our company has invested in an advanced ERP system which can effectively manage our finished products warehouse. An extensive range of products are neatly placed on shelves, and they await a delivery to global customers.

Production and processing

The raw materials in the warehouse mainly include plastic raw materials used for injection molding, such as Saibc, DUPONT, PRT(imported from US), plastic raw materials, packaging materials and other production related stuff. So, there are special requirements of the humidity and temperature in the raw materials warehouse. The warehouse staff will make an inventory and record the names, warehousing period of each material for convenient usage and easy search.

  • Verify the information of the raw materials
  • Saibc plastic raw material from US

Panorama of the injection molding workshop

We have nine 100T FANUC injection molding machines

There are totally 13 injection molding machines in United Leader Tech’s injection molding workshop. They are nine 100T FANUC injection molding machines, one Dongyang injection molding machine, one YIZUMI injection molding machine, two 320T Haitian injection molding machines. Our production department strictly complies with the SOP and SIP procedures. If deviation is detected in the first article inspection, the craftsmen will amend the appearance and the size of the product by adjusting the injection parameters.

  • FANUC numeral control injection molding machine
  • Operation in strict accordance with SOP,SIP

The mold will be disassembled to check its core parts and moving parts and to do the lubrication and anti-rust maintenance each time after the mold is used in the production.

  • Operation in tooling warehouse
  • The maintenance of molds by workers

The normalized assembly line

Semi-finished and finished products ordered by our customers are accomplished in the assembly line. Relevant commonly-used assembly technique such as hot pressing and hot melting are involved in the process. The workers assemble the products skillfully according to the WI.

  • Assembly of Infrared remote controls
  • Hot-melt technique

In early 2017, we built a brand new, dust-free, anti-static and automatic assembly line on customer’s request. PE engineers are researching how to set the parameters in order to raise the assembly efficiency by optimizing the coordination between the assembly line and the products.

  • dust-free and anti-static automatic assembly line
  • PE engineers commissioning the automatic assembly line

Panorama of the quality inspection department

The quality inspection department of the company is equipped with a full set of measuring devices which are needed in plastic manufacturing. These equipment include quadratic coordinate measuring instrument, height gauge, vernier caliper, plug gauge. The measuring accuracy of these devices is within +/-0.01mm. The quality inspection department is divided into three clean and tidy zones: size measurement zone, incoming inspection zone, pre-shipment inspection zone. All these things above reflect the careful and rigorous inspection carried out by our quality inspection department.

  • Micrometer measurement
  • Quadratic coordinate measuring instrument

Finished products in the warehouse are packed in boxes as a unit. They are placed orderly on the shelves of unified specification according to different series. The advanced ERP system makes the management really easy by recording the work order details of the warehousing and EX-warehouse products.

  • Panorama of the finished products warehouse
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