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This product utilizes coconut shell granular activated carbon as well as the ceramic filter cartridge which can adsorb residual chlorine, limescale, rust and heavy metal ions in water. It has passed the SGS, NSF, CPC and other industry-related certifications.

The life straw is a portable and ultra-light water filter. It has passed the SGS, TUV and other tests or certifications. The use of carbon fiber membrane filter which is imported from overseas market can ensure the filter hole reaches up to 0.05 micrometers.

Smart In-Home Display Bracket
This product was developed for our esteemed customers Jabil and Crestron in 2016. It has the advantages of high gloss and no exterior defect.

Smart In-Home Display Housing
The smart in-home display housing is able to eliminate the air streaks, splay marks and other potential defects that occur in the injection molding process. It can also overcome the sticking problem. Sticking occurs when the part fails to separate from the mold. It is caused by the small mold draft.

Infrared Remote Controls
Our infrared remote control is available with a wide choice of surface textures and colors. It is made using silicone for greater comfort.

Infrared Remote Control Housing
This product is noted for its excellent flatness. We set the process parameters and optimize the feeding method through the mold flow analysis and mold design. As a result, the flatness is made less than 0.1mm, which can fully meet our customers’ requirements.

Curtain Components
By analyzing the mold flow and shaping the mold inserts, we are able to ensure the concentricity of both the outer cylinder and inner shaft.

Curtain Exterior and Structural Parts
The product range can showcase different kinds of surface materials. Owing to the improvement of the injection molding technology, it is supplied with ideal degrees of precision which fulfills our customers’ requirements.

Intelligent Transformer Switch
The intelligent transformer switch exhibits either a high-gloss mirror finish or a matte finish. This product always meets varied customers’ requirements in terms of button touch, resilience, configuration and other aspects.

Automotive Complex Structural Parts
Raw materials for production of this product are combined with nylon and 35% fiberglass, making the structural parts solid and abrasion-resistant. We perform two-step or dual-color injection molding process on some of the products. This allows us to compound these two materials together.

Smart in-home display and bracket

This series has two colors: black and white. It is used as the shell or bracket for Ipad or other smart in-home display. The special injection molding technique makes the products glossy and free of appearance flaws.
In addition, the front side and rear side of the product can be equipped with relevant hardware. Even thin and deformable metal accessories can be perfectly assembled by United Leader Tech. This really meets the demand of our customers’ evaluation.

  • Smart In-Home Display Bracket
  • White bracket and parts
Smart In-Home Display / Bracket, shell, parts

Panorama of the injection molding workshop

  • Smart In-Home Display in three different sizes
  • Extra Large display
  • Smart in-home display parts combination

We have overcome the difficulty of producing a product with impeccable and high mirror specular appearance directly from plastic. The products of this series include: 5 inch, 7 inch, 10 inch display or digital photo frame.

Finished infrared remote control

This series is developed by Crestron in 2014 and 2015.Its comfortable silica gel texture and harmonious collocation of pattern and color give you an intelligent and high-end impression.

  • Infrared remote control series
Shell parts of infrared remote control

Thanks to our moldflow analysis, mold design, mold temperature setting mode adjustment and glue mode adjustment, this series infrared remote control shell parts produced by our company has superior quality. The fuel injection process makes the surface texture of the product feels like rubber. This satisfies the customer’s need in regard of the appearance of intelligent products.

  • Split parts of infrared remote control
  • Shell parts of various types of infrared remote control
Curtain Components
  • White sprayed surface of the curtains side of the collection control parts
  • Curtain shaft parts
  • To ensure the concentricity of the excircle and inner shaft

For the EIPC customers, curtain products, these products are used in the curtain transmission parts. The curtains can be drawn open and closed by infrared remote control. This helps to solve the problem of inconvenient manual control.

The outer parts and structural and functional parts of curtain series
  • structural and functional parts of the curtains
  • The appearance of smart curtains
  • Retro style effect of the copper brushed surface
  • Metallic silver mirror effect

These two models of black curtains shafts are the leading curtain series of our company in 2016.The coordinated movement between plastic transmission parts and hardware bearing parts controls the stop position of the curtains accurately. Surface plating process is used in the plastic parts of this series to make the products appear in different textures. For instance, brushing technique, mirror effect technique, metal silver surface, retro bronze surface. Gas pattern is easily generated at the plastic filling position in large-plane products. We have done the experimental simulations for almost ten times. Now we have managed to eliminate this injection defect.

Intelligent Transformer Switch
  • Intelligent transformer switch button series
  • The effect of different surface textures
  • Buttons with comfortable touch feeling
  • The split parts of the switch button

Our capability to provide a product with smart touch feeling and mutual matching function is tested during the production of this series product. Our company has conducted numerous tests and adjustments in order to let the press feeling, elastic resilience, surface texture, electronic system responsivity, all meet the clients’ requirements.

Automotive Complex Structural Parts
  • The complicated structural parts of automotive plastic
  • Cylinder parts
  • Thin-walled parts

This product is combined with nylon and 35% fiberglass, which enables its structural parts to withstand 200°C injection molding and become more solid and abrasion-resistant.

  • various structural parts
  • Structural parts similar to compass
  • the parts which has been injection molded twice

The structural parts similar to compass can be molded in a single run and the precision degree meets the demand of equipment processing. The product uses two injection molding process. The two-color or plastic mold, such as the combination of PC and ABS are used after certain working procedures.

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  • Household Portable Water Filter Kettle
  • Life Straw
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